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100% feminine show

With or without a singer...

Call on Jean-Michel Guenichot and his fabulous accordion to show your support for this important cause.

Book your date as soon as possible! With this new show, Jean-Michel Guenichot invites you to (re)discover the French artists who have thrilled the world!

Jean-Michel and his accordion will be playing the greatest hits of the greatest singers: Sheila, Dalida, Zaz, Lio, France Gall, Jane Birkin, and many more!

Jean-Michel Guenichot duo chanteuse

...on the occasion of Pink October

In perfect harmony with his commitment to musical diversity, Jean-Michel Guenichot is also presenting a show devoted exclusively to the great female voices of the French music scene.

A memorable evening in honor of the women who have shaped the history of French music.