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Jean-Michel Guenichot is an accordionist who has been in Bordeaux for a long time. A real Trotter globe, he also travels all over France, from Bayonne to Angers, via Limoges and Luz Saint-Sauveur. Jean-Michel Guenichot and his accordion offer musical animations of all styles. Whether you want a musical background, dance and maybe even sing on all styles of music, Jean-Michel Guenichot is the accordionist you need. He offers to contact him as soon as possible. You can follow Jean-Michel Guenichot on his social networks, his YouTube channel to discover this extraordinary artist who shares his musical experiences in New Aquitaine, in Occitanie. Jean-Michel is a recognized accordionist and bassist. He works alone or accompanied by musicians and singers according to the requests you can make to him. Jean-Michel Guenichot is also a double world champion of accordion endurance. During his last accordion endurance world record in 2015 in Pessac (Gironde), Jean-Michel Guenichot broke his own world record which took place in 1994 in Bordeaux. He played the accordion for 11 days non-stop. So ask him anything you want, he’s in top shape!
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